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Good Luck Charm Signs & Symbols

Do good luck charm work find out the facts in Classical Feng Shui aspcect.

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In Feng shui aspect.

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Time & Date selection is one of the most important factors in FengShui.

  Good Luck Charm Signs & Symbols
Do they work for us?


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Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

All forms in this Universe belong to either one the above-mentioned five elements and are in one way or another, mutually affecting one another, which in turn affect our life. This is an ever-going cycle in the law of Nature.

Based on the philosophy of the productive, weakening and destructive cycle of the five elements, the application of Feng Shui help to incorporate one's astrological element accordingly; to be in harmony with the surrounding, bringing about beneficial gains.

Even though Good Luck Charms are not part of any school of classical Feng Shui but it do work for us in psychology aspect of our everyday life.

Believe in them or not, these charms have been an integral part of human life throughout history.

lucky or unlucky numbers?
Chinese look upon "8" as a lucky number base on the pronunciation "Fa" that represent sudden fortune and prosperity and avoid 4 "Shi" represent death. That's culture of belief.

Feng Shui is not about superstition, philosophy or religion; It is about enhancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in the environment by understanding the metaphysical forces of nature better known as "Qi" to be able to manipulate them to enhance your life achievement.



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Taking control of one's destiny and discover one's future.


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How good luck charm can affect our life?

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